OUR PRODUCT - Safety & Security Film

Clear Series

Disappearing Solar + Safety Nearly invisible, optically clear films that help protect against fading from the sun and uncomfortable hot spots.

Ultra-Vision™ Film

Barely Visible Solar + Safety This spectrally selective, non-corrosive film is our premier security product. It has an elegant look and combines top solar technology with glass-strengthening properties that helps protect against natural disasters and theft.

Symphony™ Series

Dual-Reflective Solar + Safety Reflective outside and neutral-looking inside, this series of window films helps protect against sun damage and heat, while adding to security by helping to shield your home from break-ins, accidents and prying eyes on the street.

Silver™ Series

Mirrored Solar + Safety Vapor-coated aluminum construction makes this window film series reflective on both sides, for a mirrored look, shatter resistance, daytime privacy, our highest level of solar heat rejection, UV protection and glare reduction.

Anti-Graffiti Series

Peel-Away Protection A virtually invisible layer of protection that’s scratch-resistant and reduces the need for expensive cleanup or glass replacement. Features a unique adhesive for easy peel-away without leaving residue behind.