OUR PRODUCT - Decorative Film

2M White Matte

Decorative & Semi-Private SunTek’s 2M White Matte specialty film is ideal for decorative effects on exterior doors and windows or interior glass surfaces. Its matte finish transforms bright light into a soft, almost heavenly glow.

White Out

Decorative, Total Privacy This specialty film effectively alters the transparency of glass, with an opaque, bright white treatment that blocks views completely. It won't darken a room and is a practical for disguising clutter or private areas.

Black Out

Decorative, Total Privacy SunTek Black Out specialty film is a fully opaque, true black film suitable for areas large and small that need to be shielded from view. Use it for dramatic effect in a studio, on glass cabinets and more.

Crystal Series

Decorative, Total Privacy Our Crystal Series simulates the look of etched glass, without the hassle and expense of designer glass. It’s a classic look suitable for many home styles, available in polyester or vinyl film configurations.

DR Mirror Series

One-Way Privacy If you ever wished for a one-way mirror instead of a glass window or door, SunTek’s DR Mirror Series is here to help. It’s highly reflective on one side, while providing clear views from the opposite side.